mywifiext troubleshooting

Mywifiext Troubleshooting

Strictly follow this Mywifiext troubleshooting procedure to connect your Netgear  Range Extender :

  • Mywifiext troubleshooting first step is to reset the Netgear range extender users can use a paper clip or toothpick, press the reset button on the back of the extender for 15 – 20 seconds. Release the button after 20 seconds and then automatically extender will reboot and shows you only a power green light.

  • Connect the range extender to any computer with the help of Ethernet cable.

  • Open a browser on, on the address bar, type  or to start the Smart Wizard installation which helps to set up the range extender stepwise.

  • Please select the following options. These procedures may take few minutes and sometimes the connection may go wrong. If it happens so, then refresh the web page in order to continue mywifext setup installation wizard.

  • Let the range extender detect the list of WiFi networks available in the surrounding.

  • Select your Home network and type the network key or password in the paraphrase box.

  • Assign a name for the Range Extender and make sure the option properly”Use the same security and pass-phrase as those for the existing network” is checked and then click on continue.

  • Wait for some time for the smart wizard establishes the connection between your range extender and router. On the next screen, check the button “I have connected to the extender network” and then continue. At last, click the button to finish the

    mywifiext setup installation wizard of your range extender.

  • Now for the same Ethernet connection, start up a browser and check you can go to the internet. You should be online.

  • After that check out the wireless connection for the same SSID that you’d set previously on the setup installation wizard of the Extender. You should be able to access the internet again.

These are the basic and simple mywifiext troubleshooting steps that will make your range extender work. But if it doesn’t work again, this you must try some more tricks in order to make your Extender work. The other mywifiext troubleshooting tricks are as follows:

If the extender doesn’t work by the above procedures, then try changing the “Encryption type” of your home router/ modem. You should change it in such a way that the security on the router is lowered, for e.g., if your router has WPA-TKIP, then change it to WPA-AES. Then try the same above procedures again to make your range extender work. If the problem still exists, then keep on trying for other encryption types like WPA, WEP or no security as well making sure that both home router/modem and extender have the same encryption type. Don’t worry if your connection is disturbed or the laptops do not detect SSID of a router, this is just the for temporary setup installation. You have to change the encryption type to its original after once the range extender has successfully connected to your router.

Try working on other simple routers like D-link with or without encryption.

Try to connect to the router after you factory reset the router/modem, but I think it won’t be necessary if you properly follow procedures.

So trying these steps your extender should work properly. Anyways, if you think I can help you more and want to contact me then here is my email: Please keep in mind that we do not support representative from NETGEAR, We’re online technical support service.