Parental Control on Your Netgear Router

Parental Control on Your Netgear Router

The new age parents are raising another type of children. Little children use tablets and youngsters message to converse. Parents enable their kids and adolescents to have a cell phone since it is an incredible method to keep in contact with them. You can easily get your router configured with the parental control feature and then get the Netgear wifi range extender if your wifi range needs to be expanded in all the areas of your home. You can easily set your router on mywifiext and enjoy its many benefits.


Enabling Parental Controls on Your Router

In order to enable the parental controls on your router, first you need to check the IP address of your router.

  1. You can do this either by the command prompt or by the network and sharing centre window.
  2. Navigate on the change adapter settings and click on it
  3. A new window will open where you will see your wifi adapter
  4. Right click on the wifi adapter icon and go to status
  5. Click on details and you will find the default gateway of your router
  6. Click to open the default gatewayof your router
  7. Close all the windows and open a browser on your device
  8. Type the default IP address of your router in the address bar and hit enter
  9. You will be prompted to enter the credentials of your router
  10. Enter the default credentials admin for username and password for the passkey
  11. If in case you had changed your credentials earlier then you need to enter the new credentials
  12. You will be taken to the Netgear Genie Setup
  13. Navigate on the Parental Control option and click on it
  14. You will be directed to the Netgear website to enable the parental controls
  15. Download the Netgear Genie Setup app from there if you haven’t already downloaded it earlier
  16. When the Netgear Genie app opens you will be able to see all the settings of your wifi extender there
  17. You can control your extender settings from there easily
  18. Go on parental control from the app and click on it
  19. Wait a while till the parental control identifies your router
  20. When it finishes identifying your router a new window will be shown
  21. Click the change basic settings option there
  22. Enter the credentials when prompted for your open DNS account
  23. If you do not have an account for it you will be prompted to create a new account
  24. After creating the account you can login
  25. When you are logged in you will be able to see the various parental control settings there which you can change and configure
  26. Click on next when you are finished configuring your settings
  27. You will see the Parental Controls has been enabled


Web Surfing Scheduling

Most routers with parental control choices offers a setting for scheduling the web surfing. Because of this feature you can plan the system to shut down at a specific time each day. Some have scheduling for explicit devices, so that you can pick your kid’s PC, tablet or gaming console and detach it from the Internet at maybe, 7 p.m. each day or so. After this can help you to install and set your wifi expander for better wifi coverage.


Blocking Particular Websites

Along with scheduling, a few routers have parental controls for particular sites. You can pick those particular URLs to obstruct on few gadgets in your home, so you can keep your children away from whichever sites you need. Netgear, for instance, does this through the Netgear Genie application by OpenDNS to make custom channels for your system. Netgear wifi range extenders can be easily setup on mywifiext and the wifi range can be expanded. The mywifiext setup page will help you set it up. Gadgets that are utilized by grown-ups can be designed to bypass channels and have boundless internet access.

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