Netgear EX6120 Setup

Netgear EX6120 Extender

Improve your present wifi signal strength, with the AC two fold band Wifi up to 1200 Mbps. This limited AC1200 divider plug Wifi support is pretty much nothing and sleek, adequately blending into your home style. It works with any standard Wifi router and is ideal for HD video spouting and gaming. Get the accessibility that you require and is a necessity for iPads, PDAs, PCs and the sky is the limit from there. Mywifiext is the local website where you can easily setup your extender. The white and silver EX6120 measures simply 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.6 inches, in spite of the fact that its two amiable antennas expand 4 inches. These can’t be replaced. Miniscule contrasted with its congested cousin, the Netgear Nighthawk X6S, the EX6120 has a two-prong plug that goes directly into an AC outlet and doesn’t square nearby outlets. It comes up short on a go through an AC outlet.

On the back of the Netgear EX6120, you’ll discover CAT5 port or Ethernet port. From which you can easily link your designed gadgets to the web. helps in fast installation and it’s ready for use in no time. In the event that a client needs to utilize the extender as an Access Point with the assistance of the Ethernet Port you can make the extender to work as an access point. In case you’re utilizing Netgear EX6120 as Wi-Fi extender, a client just need to plug the extender to an electrical plug. Rather than utilizing a link, the extender associates with your standard router or modem wirelessly.

Netgear EX6120 Setup

This is the setup of your Netgear wifi range extender EX6120. Follow the below given steps for an easy installation but if in case you find any trouble setting up your extender, you can call us on our toll free number 1-855-777-7456.

  • Fit the extender into an electrical plug and hang tight for the power LED Image to light up strong green.
  • Link an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the extender. Interface the opposite end to the Ethernet port of the router or switch.
  • Utilize a Wi-Fi gadget (remote PC, advanced mobile phone, or tablet) and interface with the NETGEAR_EXT remote system (SSID).
  • When the remote customer is associated with the extender organize (NETGEAR_EXT), the Device LED Image will light up.
  • Open a web program and go to
  • Complete the Extender Setup screen and click NEXT.
  • Enter your favored Network Name (SSID).
  • Select your Security Options and type the pass key. Tap on NEXT.
  • Link your remote gadget utilizing your new Wi-Fi accreditations and click Continue.
  • Click Finish in order to finish the registration.
  • You can tap on Skip Registration if the gadget is as of now registered.

Netgear AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition helps your current system range, conveying AC double band WiFi up to 1200 Mbps. It works with any standard WiFi router and is perfect for HD video streaming and gaming. This Range Extender is the world’s littlest 1200 divider plug extender that gets the availability you require for iPads, cell phones, PCs and more.

The Netgear EX6120 or Netgear AC1200 Wifi range extender offers an answer for a home or work, where the Wifi router or modem network simply doesn’t arrive at all the pieces of the structure, or which doesn’t enable Wifi to be utilized outside. The Netgear AC1200 extender utilizes 2.4GHz and 5GHz recurrence groups to interface with your current system and stretch out the signal to further areas. Netgear’s EX6120 is a Netgear center range wifi extender which can be useful for each individual to stretch out there existing router signal with the gushing pace up to 1200Mbps with the development highlight of the double band signal through which you will ready to interface your remote gadget with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz system band.