Netgear EX3920 Extender

EX3920 WiFi Range Extender Model


The Netgear EX3920 WiFi Range Extender helps your current system range and speed, conveying double band WiFi. You can likewise utilize the Netgear ex3920 extender in passageway mode as a WiFi passageway, utilizing and make another WiFi hotspot by utilizing a wired Ethernet association.

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Meet Your Extender

Before you introduce your Netgear ex3920 extender, acquaint yourself with its LEDs, catches, and port.

The Front Panel contains, Power LED, WPS LED ,Router Link LED And Device Link LED

The Side Panel contains Factory Reset Button ,WPS catch ,Power On/Off, Power connector ,Ethernet port and Power connector catch

At the point when to Use Your Extender

NETGEAR prescribes that you associate through the extender arrange just when the WiFi gadget is in a “no man’s land” where association from the current system is poor or nonexistent. Information traffic steered through the extender is characteristically slower than traffic directed straightforwardly from the system.

How the Extender Works

The extender works like a scaffold between a WiFi switch (or a WiFi passageway) and a WiFi gadget outside the scope of the WiFi switch. The extender performs two primary occupations:

  • The extender associates with a working WiFi organize. At the point when the extender interfaces over WiFi to a current system, it works as a system customer, like how a WiFi gadget associates with a system.
  • The extender goes about as a passageway for WiFi gadgets. The extender communicates its very own WiFi arrange that WiFi gadgets can join. In its job as a passageway, the extender performs assignments that WiFi switches do, for example, communicating its system name (SSID).