How to check if the firmware of the extender is up to the date

How to check if the firmware of the extender is up to the date

Basic configuration


The ideal configuration for the range extender is very easy. There are two basic ways to configure the extender. The first very simplest way to configure the range extender is to connect it by the WPS. There is a WPS button which is next to the power button of the extender. You need to press the WPS button on the extender and then after a few seconds you have to press the WPS button on the router. The lights on the extender will begin to flash solid green and amber. Approximately after two minutes you will see all the green light sold on the entire LED panel. That means the extender has got configured with your wireless network /router.


There are few routers which does not have physical WPS button on the router, in those situations you need to manually configure the extender through Once you connect your device to Netgear_EXT in the list of the network, you will the network as limited or it would say no connection. You need to open up a browser either on a laptop or desktop or tablet or your smartphone. The will ask you to create an account which includes the user name email id , password and a couple of security questions, following which you can be able to configure the extender with your main wireless network. Hence your extender will get connected successfully. Now you are ready to move the extender to a different position and you can connect the device to the extended network.


Updating the Firmware


The firmware of the extender or unit plays a significant role in the performance as well as the durability of that particular device. Updating the firmware is very important as it will further enhance the performance of the extender.


Process to update the firmware of the extender


To update the firmware or the check the status of the firmware in a range extender is very easy. You need to log in to the or which is the default IP ( internet protocol ) of the extender. If you are not able to log in with the or the default IP of the extender, you can be able to do so by checking the IP which is been assigned to your extender. You can find out the IP of your range extender or booster through netgear genie app. In netgear genie you need to check the network map option in order to find out the IP that has been assigned to your extender.


Once you are into the log in page of the mywifiext set up.You need to ender the user name and the password which you have created while making the account. Once you are through, you will land up in the settings and configuration of your range extender. In the left hand side of the page you will see the firmware update. You can click on and it will show you the status for the firmware. If there is any new version of the firmware available, you can click on it and the extenders firmware will get updated.

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