How to add a license key

How to add a license key


Before you apply your permit key in the set up, it would be ideal if you guarantee the remote controller has a working web association. To accomplish this, ensure the mywifiext set up of DNS Server and Default Gateway addresses for your system are set accurately in the remote controller web interface. Check in mywifiext DNS and Default Gateway settings. Open an internet browser, and in the program’s location field, type the remote controller’s IP address. As a matter of course, the IP address is The remote controller’s login window opens. Explore to Configuration > System > IP/VLAN. Test Internet Connectivity. You can check the remote controller’s Internet availability by running a ping test. Explore to Diagnostics > Ping. In the IP address field, enter the URL of a site, for instance then snap Start. Snap Stop i n to stop the ping test.


Check firmware form


Before you can enact your permit key the remote controller must run the accompanying firmware rendition or higher. In the event that your remote controller isn’t running this firmware rendition or higher, the permit enactment will come up short:


WC7500, WC7600, WC7600v2 and WC9500: Firmware WC7520: Firmware


To check the present form of firmware, explore to > Monitor > Controller > Summary. Firmware Version is recorded under Controller Info. In the event that your controller is running a more seasoned rendition than what is required, you should initially redesign the firmware. Firmware pictures can be found on the NETGEAR item bolster site. If it’s not too much trouble adhere to the firmware update guidelines cautiously while redesigning the controller firmware as the overhaul way to the most recent firmware is dependant on the present dynamic firmware running on your remote controller, and the passageways it is overseeing.


Recover a packaged permit key


To recover licenses that come as a major aspect of a remote controller pack, it would be ideal if you adhere to the directions on How would I initiate the permit incorporated into a ProSAFE Wireless Controller group unit or on a substitution Wireless Controller


Include a permit:


  1. Explore to> Maintenance > Licensing > License > Registration.


  1. In the mywifiext Registration Key field enter the License Key and snap Add.


  1. You may enter Customer Information and VAR Information right now.


  1. Snap Apply in the mywifiext set up panel.


Following a couple of minutes click Refresh and the Key Status should change to Registered. The Registration information can likewise be seen in the Inventory tab.


Extra License data:


The WC7520 remote controller accompanies a pre-introduced permit offering help for 20 passageways (AP’s). It is conceivable to include support for 50AP’s aggregate, by including 30 additional licenses in 3 bunches of 10. The WC7500 remote controller accompanies pre-introduced permit key offering help for 10 AP’s. It is conceivable to add an extra permit key to help 5 more AP’s to help 15 AP’s altogether. The WC7600v1 and WC7600v2 remote controller accompanies a 2 AP assessment permit, for framework testing. When you apply any permit key the assessment keys lapse. It is conceivable to add permit keys to help up to 50 AP’s in 5 groups of 10 or 1 cluster of 50. One single WC7600v1/v2 bolsters up to 50 AP’s. It is conceivable to pile up to 3 WC7600v1/v2’s to help up to 150 AP’s. The WC9500 remote controller accompanies a 2 AP assessment permit, for framework testing. When you apply a permit key the assessment keys terminate. It is conceivable to add support for up to 200 AP’s per WC9500 in clumps of 10AP, 50AP, 100AP or 200AP. It is conceivable to pile up to 3 WC9500’s to help up to 600 AP’s.

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