Netgear Genie

Netgear Genie is an application which can be downloaded on a laptop or desktop computers. Through this application, users can use a number of different features which create their home or office network more secure.

Features of Netgear Genie Application

There are several different features of this Netgear application which are as follows -:

  • Users can manage, track and also repair their wireless network connections for their home or office.
  • Air print is also a great feature from the Netgear Genie app for printing via a wireless compatible or non-compatible printers.
  • From this application user can remotely control their every device from there smartphone or laptop with My Media control center.
  • The application also allows creating a guest network for friends and for family members.
  • Easily track, sign in, and control your home wireless network from a laptop or smartphone.
  • With this application, users can now also share and stream movies or music, diagnose network issues and set up parental control.
  • Users can also look on to the wireless network map of their connected devices in the graphical view.
  • Netgear genie application can also help to connect with mywifiext setup through which user can install there Netgear range extender or booster.
  • In this applications, users can also test the speed of their internet connectivity and also check the usage meter of broadband connection.
  • Single sign-on feature (SSO) which allow users to one set of login password to all of the Netgear accounts.

All this list of above features can be used only by those users who are using a Netgear router or Netgear range extenders. From the bellow give links you can download the Netgear application on your respective devices.

Click here to download for Mac.

Click here to download for Windows.

Facing any problems to install the application shoot us an email –

Netgear Genie Smart Setup

If you prefer to configure and oversee Netgear mywifiext home router graphically utilizing a straightforward application then it is very well possible with a credible work area application called Netgear Genie. There is no kind of issue even if you have Windows or MAC operating system. This works flawlessly with both. Utilizing this Netgear Genie work area application, even a common individual can control and deal with the home system from changing SSID to ending non-validated clients. You can even analyse the system associations if the home router acts abnormal.

These are the steps for Netgear Genie Smart Setup :-

  • Link the extender to an accessible Wifi network.
  • Have a PC ready which is associated with the current network.
  • Open any internet browser.
  • Sign in to utilizing the default username and password.
  • The Genie Setup page will open.
  • Now you can change the specialized settings according to your personal need.

Netgear Genie

NETGEAR Genie is an application to manage, track and repair your network through netgear genie smart setup. You can remotely control all devices in your home from your smartphone/tablet/ laptop with My Media control center. You can also air print from any printer from iPad or iPhone with AirPrint and view all the devices on your network.

With the new features and easy to use interface of NETGEAR genie application, organize your router is fun. NETGEAR genie now allows you a single sign-on option that allows you to use one set of login identity for all of your accounts. Easily track, sign in, and control your home wireless network from a tablet/smartphone/laptop. With NETGEAR genie application you can now share and stream movies or music, diagnose network issues, assign up parental controls and more. Download NETGEAR genie application based on your device.

Netgear Genie Setup

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