Genie set up is basically a setup wizard for all the Netgear wireless devices


Genie set up is basically a setup wizard for all the Netgear wireless devices


NETGEAR genie is a work area application that keeps running on both PC and Mac. It very well may be arranged to oversee NETGEAR home switches mywifiext, giving a basic dashboard to screen, control and fix home systems.


It is for nothing out of pocket, and can be downloaded from the NETGEAR site:


(Guarantee that the router is running the most recent firmware, not all genie capacities are upheld on more seasoned firmware).


With the NETGEAR genie, you can do the majority of this straightforwardly from your work area:


  • Play out a system speed test


  • Set up a visitor organize for companions or family


  • Effectively change the SSID (name) or secret key of your remote system


  • Set up Live Parental Controls


  • See a graphical guide of all your system associated gadgets


Speed Test


The speed test gives two techniques to testing speed. One technique estimates how quick your PC can download site content, and the other one quantifies your ISP broadband speed:


Guest Network


On the off chance that your wireless network underpins a guest remote system, you can view and change the settings for that visitor organize. A guest network enables others to utilize your remote switch to get to the Internet however not content on different PCs or gadgets on a similar system.


To get to the visitor arrange settings, select Router Settings > Guest Access:


You can undoubtedly change the remote settings for the Guest organizes without signing in to the interface of your switch by tapping the Modify catch.


Network Map


Snap on Network Map to see the switch’s Internet associations and the gadgets that are associated with your switch. A decent association is appeared green. A red line shows an association that isn’t working:


In the event that you select the “Notify me of new devices that connect to my network “check box, at that point each time another gadget joins your system, you will get a notice on this PC through NETGEAR genie.


Wireless Settings


You can see the present essential remote settings for your switch, including the remote name (SSID), the channel determination, and the secret word if your system utilizes remote security. To tod this, go to Router Settings > Wireless Settings. To change the remote settings click the Modify catch, make changes, and snap Apply once you are finished. In the event that you are remotely associated with the switch, you will lose your remote association and should re-interface.


Parental Control


The first occasion when you select Parental Controls from the Home screen, genie checks to ensure that your switch bolsters this element. To setup Parental Control click Parental Controls:


Snap the Manage catch


Snap Next. You are incited to either utilize your OpenDNS account or to make a free Open DNS account:


Proceed through the means as incited.




Select Network Support > Tools to show the accompanying screen:


The accompanying devices are accessible:


Ping. Utilize the ping utility to test a way from your PC to a goal you indicate.


Follow Route. Use follow course to recognize the course taken by information parcels from your PC to the host.


DNS Lookup. Discover the IP address of a host name (regularly a site).


PC Profile. View insights regarding the PC that you are right now utilizing, for example, its present system associations and working framework.


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