Genie Advanced Home Screen

Genie Advanced Home Screen


The genie Advanced Home dashboard presents status data. The substance is the equivalent as what is on the Router Status screen accessible from the Administration menu.


In mywifiext Web Connection Setup Wizard You can utilize the mywifiext  Setup Wizard to identify your Internet settings and consequently set up your switch. The Setup Wizard isn’t equivalent to the genie screens that show the first occasion when you interface with your switch to set it up. To utilize the Setup Wizard:> Select Advanced > Setup Wizard. Select either Yes. In the event that you select No, you are taken to the Internet Setup screen 3. Snap Next. The mywifiext Setup Wizard scans your Internet association for servers and conventions to decide your ISP design.


WAN Setup


The WAN Setup screen gives you a chance to design a DMZ (neutral territory) server, change the most extreme transmit unit (MTU) measure, and empower the switch to react to a ping on the WAN


(Web) port.  To view or change the WAN settings:


  1. Select > Advanced > Setup > WAN Setup.


  1. Determine the accompanying settings: Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection. DoS security ensures your LAN against disavowal of administration assaults, for example, Syn flood, Smurf Attack, Ping of Death, , ARP Attack, Spoofing ICMP, Null Scan, and numerous others. This setting ought to be incapacitated just in extraordinary conditions. Default DMZ Server. This element is here and there supportive when you are playing on the web amusements or videoconferencing. Be cautious when utilizing this element since it makes the firewall security less successful. See the accompanying segment, Default DMZ Server.  Respond to Ping on set up panel. On the off chance that you need the switch to react to a ping from the Internet, select this check box. Utilize this setting just as an indicative device since it enables your switch to be found. Try not to choose this check box except if you have a explicit reason. Disable IGMP Proxying. IGMP proxying permits a PC on the neighborhood (LAN) to get the multicast traffic it is keen on from the Internet. On the off chance that you don’t need this component, you can choose this check box to impair it. MTU Size (in bytes). The typical MTU (greatest transmit unit) esteem for most Ethernet systems is 1500 bytes, or 1492 bytes for PPPoE associations. For a few ISPs, you may need to decrease the MTU. Decrease the MTU just on the off chance that you are certain that it is important for your ISP association. NAT Filtering. System Address Translation (NAT) decides how the switch forms inbound traffic. Verified NAT gives a verified firewall to secure the PCs on the LAN from assaults from the Internet, however may keep some Internet diversions, point-to-point applications, or mixed media applications from working. Open NAT gives a significantly less verified firewall, yet permits practically all Internet applications to work. Snap Apply. Your progressions are spared in the mywifiext settings.


Default DMZ Server


The default DMZ server include is useful when you are utilizing some web based recreations and videoconferencing applications that are inconsistent with Network Address Translation (NAT). The switch is modified to perceive a portion of these applications and to work accurately with them, yet different applications probably won’t work well. At times, one neighborhood PC can run the application effectively if the IP address for that PC is entered as the default DMZ server. DMZ servers represent a security hazard.

A PC assigned as the default DMZ server loses a significant part of the security of the firewall what’s more, is presented to abuses from the Internet. Whenever traded off, the DMZ server PC can be utilized to assault different PCs on your system. The switch generally distinguishes and disposes of approaching traffic from the Internet that isn’t a reaction to your nearby PCs or an administration that you designed in the Port Forwarding/Port Activating screen. Rather than disposing of this traffic, you can have the switch forward the traffic to one PC on your system. This PC is known as the default DMZ server.


To set up a default DMZ server:


  1. Select >Advanced > Setup > WAN Setup.


  1. Select the Default DMZ Server check box.


  1. Type the IP address.


  1. Snap Apply in the settings.


Your change produces results.

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