To find your Wi-Fi network password

To find your Wi-Fi network password

When we get a wireless network and we didn’t have a desktop or a laptop, and in scenarios where get our Wi-Fi network password encrypted by a technician and the password would be a very complicated one to make it more secure, therefore you tend to note down that password in your diary or in a notepad in your computer or your laptop. Sometimes you happen to get misplaced  or you accidently delete those files or the notepad and now you are in a situation where you  presently have a tablet and you are unable  to interface with the internet(Wi-Fi), so how might you discover the secret password or reset it without the old secret password ? Well, the solution is pretty simple.



If you wish to reset the password, Open the web browser that you use (for example Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or safari and type in the IP address for your router and press Enter. In case if you do not know the default IP of your router you can type in for the log in. is the basic gateway to setup website. After you ender the IP address or a window will open and afterward type in your switches or routers default username and password, and press enter. Username and Secret phrase can be found on the base of your router. In case if you have changed the user name and the password for the login, then you have to enter the very same user name and the passphrase. Now go to the routers Security\Network Security Settings Tab and open to find or change your WEP or WPA Security Passphrase.



Use WPA in light of the fact that it gives better security. Compose this Security Passphrase down and place it in a protected place to get to when required. Now save the settings and close your program or the window page. In the event that you don’t know or can’t discover the secret word, on the back of the switch there is a reset catch that you hold in for 30 seconds and it will reset the switch to production line settings and the switches address is typically on the base of the switch. Now if you wish to check for your wireless range booster then follow the procedure/steps.



Utilize a PC or any device or gadget that is associated with your wireless range extender by means of Ethernet connection or remote association. Open a Web program. In the location bar, type in and sign in utilizing your Username and Secret key. Once you are in set up page click on settings and under settings click on wireless. Under “General”, search for wireless password. In the event that it says same as existing system secret phrase, that means it is utilizing indistinguishable wireless secret key from your primary Wi-Fi switch that is your router or your regular Wi-Fi. On the off chance that it says Utilize an alternate secret word, it will demonstrate the kind of secret phrase under Security Type and the System Key. Hence, you will get to know the password for your extended wireless connection.



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