5 Tips on How To Setup Netgear Wifi Range Extender

Improve your wifi associations with Range Extenders that can expand your system range. You’ll have the option to keep your cell phones, game consoles, TVs, tablets and PCs on the web and linked. A  Range Extender, Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi Extender is a gadget that rehashes the remote signal from your router to grow its network. It works as a bridge, catching the WiFi from your router and rebroadcasting it to territories where the WiFi is feeble or non-existent, improving the presentation of your home Wifi. Your router is an outfielder whose activity is to get the show on the road to the catcher. A WiFi extender is the shortstop that stands between the two, holding back to get the ball and toss it in to home plate.

Focus on your gadget settings when utilizing a range extender. You probably won’t think of it, however your home WiFi gadget will stay associated with your router until you physically switch over to your range extender organize, regardless of whether your range extender is in near closeness to your gadget than your router.


  • Launch a web browser.
  • Enter mywifiext.net or in the address field of the browser.
    The Netgear Extender Setup page displays.
  • Click the Netgear Extender Setup
  • Complete the fields on the page and click the NEXT
  • Verify that the Access Point/Extender router is set to Extenderand click the Continue
  • Select your router’s WiFi network to extend and click the NEXT
    If you do not want to extend both WiFi bands, clear the2.4 GHz WiFi Networks or the 5 GHz WiFi Networks check box.
  • In the Password (Network Key)field, type the router’s existing WiFi network password (also called passphrase or security key) and click the NEXT
  • Set the network name (SSID) and password for your extender and click the NEXT
  • Connect your WiFi-enabled device to the new extender WiFi network using the extender SSID and password that you created. If you enabled One WiFi Name, connect to your router’s WiFi name and password.
  • Make sure that your WiFi-enabled device is successfully connected before you click the CONTINUE
  • Click the CONTINUE
    A message displays confirming that the extender is connected and ready.
  • Click the NEXT
    The registration page displays.
  • Complete the registration fields and click the FINISHbutton to complete the setup.


Netgear Extender Setup With Genie

To counter the issues looked by an ordinary Wi-Fi router and give answers for continuing issues, Netgear Extender Setup With Genie as the name recommends broadens the scope of solid web availability and lifts up the system. In this manner, Netgear genie Setup requires a fragile and unstable portion strategy that ought to be pursued to keep away from any blunder in establishment and complete the procedure effectively. For this reason, the commercial centre permits you an assortment of alternatives to look over – with fluctuating extent, changing quality, and the distinctive number of gadgets that it permits to link with. The client must pick the extender fitting their needs.

You can access the Netgear extender setup with Genie in the following way –

  • Press the start button on the extender to ensure it is associated with the Power network and to the Wi-Fi organize.
  • Select the ‘System’ choice accessible on the screen to start the procedure.
  • Right-click on ‘Range Extender’ accessible on the PC screen.
  • A page will open up requesting your Log-in qualifications, and you have to enter your username and secret word to proceed with the procedure.
  • The finish of the last advance would prepare you for the Netgear genie Setup process.

Netgear Genie Setup is performed while working around with the Netgear range extenders. Netgear Genie is additionally an instrument or application that you can introduce on any of your gadget, utilizing Netgear genie application you can deal with the your Netgear gadgets and their setup. So every time you don’t need to get to your Netgear router or Netgear extender utilizing the IP address

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