Connect with the NETGEAR Installation Assistant

Connect with the NETGEAR Installation Assistant


  1. Use a WiFi network manager on a pc or mobile device to seek out and hook up with the extender WiFi network NETGEAR_EXT(NETGEAR installation Assistant). when the reference to the pc or WiFi device is established, the Device Link semiconductor diode lights.
  2. Launch an online browser.
  3. Enter within the address field of the browser. The New Extender Setup page displays.
  4. Click the NEW EXTENDER SETUP button. The produce Account page displays.
  5. Complete the fields on the page to line up your login credentials and click on succeeding button.
  6. Choose a WiFi network to increase and click on succeeding button.
  7. Within the countersign (Network Key) field, kind the present WiFi network countersign (also known as the passphrase or security key) and click on succeeding button.
  8. Set the network name (SSID) and countersign for your extender and click on succeeding button. Note: we tend to advocate that you simply use a distinct network name (SSID) for your extender than the network name (SSID) that your router uses. sit up for the page to show the new extended WiFi network settings, which could take up to at least one minute.
  9. Connect your pc or WiFi device to the new extended WiFi network victimization the SSID and countersign that you simply created in Steps seven and eight.
  10. ensure that your pc or WiFi device is with success connected before you click the CONTINUE button. And also check for connection through
  11. Click the CONTINUE button. A message displays confirming that the extender is connected and prepared. This can be done through mywifiext.
  12. Click succeeding button. The registration page displays.
  13. Complete the registration fields and click on the end button to complete the setup. If you are doing not wish to register your extender, click the Skip Registration link. Note that you simply should register your extender before you’ll be able to use NETGEAR phone support. The standing page displays in mywifiext.
  14. Undo the extender and move it to a replacement location that’s concerning halfway between your router and also the space with a poor router WiFi signal. the placement that you simply opt for should be among the vary of your existing WiFi router network.
  15. Plug the extender into AN wall plug and sit up for the facility semiconductor diode to light-weight inexperienced.
  16. Use the Router Link semiconductor diode to assist you select a spot wherever the extender-to-router association is perfect.
  17. If the Router Link semiconductor diode doesn’t light-weight amber or inexperienced, plug the extender into AN outlet nearer to the router and take a look at once more. Keep moving the extender to retailers nearer to the router till the Router Link semiconductor diode lights amber or inexperienced.
  18. Reconnect your pc or WiFi device to the new extended WiFi network.
  19. take a look at the extended WiFi vary by moving your pc or WiFi device to the realm with a poor router WiFi signal:

a)Leave your pc or {wifi|wireless local space network|WLAN|wireless fidelity|WiFi|local area network|LAN} device within the area with a poor router WiFi signal and come to the extender.

b)Check the Device Link semiconductor diode on the extender:

◊ If the Device Link semiconductor diode is solid inexperienced or amber, your extended WiFi network reaches the realm with a poor router WiFi signal and your network setup is complete.

◊If the Device Link semiconductor diode is red, your extended WiFi network doesn’t reach the realm with a poor router WiFi signal. you need to move the pc or WiFi device nearer to the extender till the Device Link semiconductor diode turns solid inexperienced or amber.

Role of the Router as a Server

Role of the Router as a Server


Role of the Router as a Server in fact, the switch goes regarding as a DHCP server. The switch doles out science, DNS server, and default Mywifiext entry delivers to all or any PCs related to the LAN. The allotted default entry in address is that the LAN address of the switch. The switch appoints science delivers to the appended PCs from a pool of addresses indicated within the LAN Setup screen. every pool address is tried before it’s distributed to remain far from copy addresses on the LAN. For typically applications, the default DHCP and TCP/IP settings of the square measure acceptable. you’ll verify the pool of science tends thereto the switch allots by setting the start science address and closure science address. These addresses have to be compelled to be a bit of an identical science address subnet because the switch’s LAN science address.


Utilizing the default tending to conspire, characterize vary a variety somewhere within the range of and, in spite of the actual fact that you just ought to have to be compelled to spare piece of the vary for gadgets with fastened locations. The switch conveys the incidental parameters to any LAN convenience that demands DHCP: Associate in Nursing science address from the vary you’ve got characterised , Subnet veil, entry science address (the switch’s LAN science address) Primary DNS server (on the off likelihood that you just entered a necessary DNS address within the net Setup screen; one thing else, the switch’s LAN science address) Secondary DNS server (on the off likelihood that you just entered Associate in Nursing auxiliary DNS address within the net Setup screen) you’ll utilize another convenience on your system because the DHCP server, or indicate the system settings of the bulk of your PCs.


To utilize enfeeble the DHCP server highlight within the switch:. Choose> Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup.  Clear the utilization Router as DHCP Server check box.  Snap Apply within the mywifiext discovered.  (Discretionary) If this administration is debilitated and no alternative DHCP server is on your system, set your laptop science addresses physically thus it will get to the switch. Discovered Address Reservation after you indicate a saved science address for a laptop on the LAN, that laptop faithfully gets an identical science address whenever it gets to the switch’s DHCP server. Dispensed control science delivers to PCs or servers that need lasting science settings. to avoid wasting Associate in Nursing science address. choose> Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup. Within the Address Reservation phase of the screen, click the Add catch. Within the science Address field, sort the science address to appoint to the laptop or server.


Associate in address from the switch’s LAN subnet, as an example, 192.168.1.x. sort the macintosh address of the laptop or server. Tip: If the laptop is as of currently on your system, you’ll duplicate its macintosh address from the connected Devices screen and glue it here. Snap Apply. The control location is gone into the table. The control location is not distributed till whenever the laptop contacts the switch’s DHCP server. bring up the laptop, or access its science arrangement and power a DHCP discharge what is a lot of, recharge. to change or erase a saved location section, choose the radio catch by the control location you would like to change or erase. Then apply the settings.



Configuring Your Wireless Network

Configuring Your Wireless Network


Setting Your SSID and Wireless Security Manually To demonstrate the remote settings, you should know the going with SSID. The default SSID for the switch is NETGEAR, The remote mode (802.11g/b, or 802.11n) that each remote connector supports, Wireless security decision. NETGEAR solidly recommends that you use remote security. To viably realize remote security, look at each remote connector to figure which remote security elective it reinforces.


To set up fundamental remote system, Sign in to the remote N modem switch at its default LAN address of or  with its default customer name of overseer and default expression of mystery word, or using whatever LAN address and mystery word you have set up. You can in like manner enter both of these addresses to connect with your remote switch: On the essential menu of, select Wireless Settings to demonstrate the Wireless Settings screen.


Note that the default SSID is NETGEAR. The SSID of any remote connectors must match the SSID you plan in the remote N modem switch. If they don’t organize, you won’t get a remote connection Set the Region. Select the district where the switch is found.  Leave the remote mode at the default setting of 54 Mbps in channel settings. Snap Apply to save your changes in the set up page. To set up your PCs for remote system, Program the remote settings of each PC or remote connector to have the proportionate SSID (remote framework name) as the switch. Watch that the remote connector on each PC can reinforce the mode and security elective that you picked.


In mywifiext watch that the security settings on each remote contraption organize the security settings of the switch, For example, if you picked a security elective requiring a passphrase, by then the proportional passphrase must be used for each remote PC.  Watch that each remote PC has a remote association and can get an IP address by DHCP from the router For a Windows PC, go to the Control Panel and select Network Connections. Check the Wireless Connections Properties and certification that TCP/IP Properties are set to obtain an IP address normally. To get to the Internet from any PC related with your remote N modem switch, dispatch a program, for instance, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.


You should see the remote N modem switch’s Internet LED squint, exhibiting correspondence to the ISP Using Push ‘N’ Connect (WPS) to Configure Your Wireless Network If your remote clients support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you can use this component to structure the switch’s SSID and security settings and, meanwhile, interface the remote client securely and viably to the switch. Scan for the picture on your client device. WPS normally structures the SSID and remote security settings for the switch (if the switch is in its default state) and conveys these settings to the remote client.


If the switch has quite recently been orchestrated physically, and either WPS-PSK or WPA2-PSK security has been enabled, a remote client can be related quickly and essentially by using the WPS technique for interfacing with the remote framework. For this circumstance, the present remote settings are conveyed to the WPS-capable client. These rules acknowledge that you are planning WPS on the change out of nowhere and interfacing a WPS-fit contraption. To set up basic remote accessibility: 1. Sign in to the remote N modem switch at its default LAN address of or  with its default customer name of profile and default mystery key or using whatever LAN address and mystery word you have set up. The set up will be accomplished.

WiFi Connection at a Public Hotspot Setup

WiFi Connection at a Public Hotspot Setup


Wifi Connection at a Public Hotspot Setup Use the Trek as a WiFi association with a remote system in a WiFi hotspot zone, The Trek’s firewall shields your gadgets from realized DoS assaults and port sweeps from the Internet. Alert: Most open WiFi hotspots offer no security. NETGEAR suggests that you don’t send individual data over the Internet from your associated gadgets.

NETGEAR LAN Internet/LAN Reset USB WiFi USB Power Internet (Optional) Connect a USB gadget to the USB port To interface with an open WiFi hotspot, Associate the Trek to a power source,  Turn on capacity to the Trek by moving the Internet Mode change from the Power Off position to the Wireless position. Pivot the Trek’s spread clockwise to arrange the reception apparatus,  Associate your PC or remote gadget to the Trek’s SSID, or interface your PC or remote gadget to the Trek’s LAN port with an Ethernet link, Open an internet browser on your PC or remote gadget, type in the location field, and press the Enter key.

On the off chance that a login screen shows, enter administrator for your client name and secret word for your secret phrase. At that point click the OK catch. The Wireless as WAN screen shows in the mywifiext settings which demonstrate the accessible remote systems in the Ensure that the Extend my present remote switch’s range check box isn’t chosen. Select the remote system that you need to interface with and enter the related security data for that remote system, To have the capacity to utilize these settings again without having to reemerge them, select the To spare a name for profile check box.

In the, enter a name for the profile, Snap the Apply. The Trek associates with the WiFi hotspot following several minutes.  Associate your different remote gadgets to the Trek Wifi Connection Ports and Reset Button Reset and interface your Trek utilizing the accompanying thing,  Reset catch. To reset the Trek to its settings, embed a paper cut into the Reset gap and hold it until the Internet LED flickers.

At the point when the Internet Mode change is set to Wired, this port turns into an Internet port. At the point when the change is set to Wireless, this port turns into a LAN port. A LAN port for any Ethernet-empowered gadget,  A USB port for USB stockpiling or USB printer. At the point when connected to the divider, the USB port can likewise be utilized as a wireless charger The WiFi radio wire is inside the spread. Pivot the spread clockwise to situate the radio wire. For best execution, keep the spread vertical when you utilize your Trek.

Enhancing the Security of Your Network


Enhancing the Security of Your Network


Unlike wired network data, your wireless data transmissions can be received well beyond your walls by anyone with a compatible adapter. For this reason, use the security features of your wireless settings of The WiFi range extender provides highly effective security features, Indoors, computers can connect over 802.11b/g wireless networks at ranges of up to 300 feet. Such distances can allow for others outside of your immediate area to access your network. There are several ways you can enhance the secur ity of your wireless network in mywifiext set up.  Restrict access based on MAC address.


You can restrict access to only trusted computers so that unknown computers cannot wirelessly connect to the WPN824EXT in MAC address filtering adds an obstacle against unwanted access to your network, but the data broadcast over the wireless link is fully exposed. Turn off the broadcast of the wireless network name (SSID). If you disable broadcast of the SSID, only devices that have the correct SSID can connect. This nullifies the wireless network “discovery” feature of some products such as Windows XP, but the data is still fully exposed to a determined snoop using specialized test equipment like wireless sniffers. • WEP. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) data encryption provides data security.


WEP Shared Key authentication and WEP data encryption block all but the most determined eavesdropper. Wi-Fi Protected Access–Pre-Shared Key (WPA-PSK) data encryption provides strong data security. WPA-PSK blocks eavesdropping,  Because this is a new standard, wireless device driver and software availability might be limited. Wireless Settings Record Before customizing your wireless settings, NETGEAR recommends that you print this section and record the following information. If you are working with an existing wireless network, the person who set up or is responsible for the network can provide this information.


Otherwise, you will choose the settings for your wireless network. Either way, record the settings for your wireless network in the spaces below.  Wireless network name (SSID). The SSID identifies the wireless network. You can use up to 32 alphanumeric characters. The SSID is casesensitive. The SSID in the wireless adapter card must match the SSID of the WiFi range extender. In some configuration utilities (such as in Windows XP), the term “wireless network name” is used instead of SSID.  If WEP authentication is used. Circle one: Open System, Shared Key, or Auto. If you select Shared Key, the other devices in the network will not connect unless they are set to Shared Key as well and are configured with the correct key, WEP encryption key size. Choose one: 64-bit or 128-bit in set up.


Again, the encryption key size must be the same for the wireless adapters and the WiFi range extender. – Data encryption (WEP) keys. There are two methods for creating WEP data encryption keys. Whichever method you use, record the key values in the spaces below. Passphrase method,  These characters are casesensitive. Enter a word or group of printable characters, and click the Generate Keys button. Not all wireless devices support the passphrase method. If WPA-PSK authentication is used. – Passphrase.  These characters are case-sensitive. Enter a word or group of printable characters. When you use WPA-PSK, the other devices in the network will not connect unless they are set to WPA-PSK as well and are configured with the correct passphrase. Use the procedures described in this chapter to configure the WiFi range extender. Store this information in a safe place.

Troubleshoot Internet Browsing

Troubleshoot Internet Browsing


Investigate Internet Browsing If your switch can get an IP address yet your PC is unfit to stack any pages from the Internet, it may be for the accompanying reasons:  The traffic meter in the mywifiext setup log is empowered, and the farthest point was come to. By arranging the traffic meter not to square Internet get to when as far as possible is achieved, you can continue Internet get to. In the event that your ISP sets an utilization limit, they may charge you for the overage. Your PC probably won’t perceive any DNS server addresses.


A DNS server in the panel is a host on the Internet that interprets Internet names, (for example, www addresses) to numeric IP addresses. Normally, your ISP gives the addresses of a couple DNS servers for your utilization. In the event that you entered a DNS address amid the switch’s configuration, restart your PC.


Then again, you can arrange your PC physically with a DNS address, as clarified in the documentation for your PC. • The switch probably won’t be arranged as the default portal on your PC. Restart the PC and confirm that the switch address (www. is recorded by your PC as the default passage address. You may run login programming that is never again required, On the off chance that your ISP gave a program to log you in to the Internet, (for example, WinPoET), you never again need to run that product after installing your router. You may need to go to Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and select the Never dial an association. Different programs give comparative alternatives. Changes Are Not Saved If the switch does not spare the progressions that you make in the switch web interface, do the accompanying: When entering arrangement settings, dependably click the Apply catch before moving to another page or tab, or your progressions are lost. Click the Refresh or Reload catch in the internet browser.


It is conceivable that the progressions happened, yet the old settings may be in the internet browser’s store. Investigate WiFi Connectivity If you are encountering inconvenience associating over WiFi to the switch, attempt to separate the issue: Does the WiFi gadget or PC that you are utilizing discover your WiFi arrange? If not, check the WiFi LED on the switch. On the off chance that it is off, you can press the WiFi On/Off catch on the switch to fail. On the off chance that you handicapped the switch’s SSID communicated, at that point your WiFi organize is covered up and does not show in your WiFi customer’s examining list. (Of course, SSID communicate is empowered.)


Does your WiFi gadget bolster the security that you are utilizing for your WiFi arrange (WPA, WPA2, or WPA3)? If you need to see the WiFi settings for the switch, utilize an Ethernet link to interface a PC to a LAN port on the switch. At that point sign in to the switch, and select BASIC > Wireless. Note: Be certain to tap the Apply catch in the event that you change settings. On the off chance that your WiFi gadget finds your system yet the flag quality is powerless, check these conditions: • Is your switch excessively a long way from your PC or excessively close? Spot your PC close to the switch yet somewhere around 6 feet (1.8 meters) away and see whether the flag quality improves.

View and Manage Logs of Router Activity

View and Manage Logs of Router Activity


View and Manage Logs of Router Activity The log is a quick and dirty record of the locales you got to or attempted to get to and other switch exercises. Up to 256 entries are secured in the log. To see and regulate logs: Dispatch a web program from a PC or PDA that is related with the switch mastermind. Enter A login window opens. Enter the switch executive customer name and mystery word. The customer name is overseer. The mystery word is the one that you demonstrated the primary event when that you marked in. The customer name and mystery word are case-tricky. The BASIC Home page appears. 4. Select > ADVANCED > Administration > Logs.


The Logs page appears and exhibits the going with information. The movement that occurred, for instance, paying little heed to whether Internet get to was blocked or allowed. The IP address of the beginning device for this log section, the name or IP address of the site or news cluster visited or to which get to was attempted. The date and time the log area was recorded. To modify the logs in mywifiext settings, look down and clear or select the check limits the Include in Log fragment. To resuscitate the log screen in, click the Refresh get. To clear the log areas, click the Clear Log get. To email the log expeditiously, click the Send Log get.


You should set up email sees in order to get the logs. The change to messages the logs to the area that you decided when you set up email alerts. For more information, see Set up security event email sees on page 52. 9. Snap the Apply get. Your settings are saved. You can see all PCs or devices that are at present connected with your framework. To see contraptions on the framework: Dispatch a web program from a PC or mobile phone that is related with the switch compose. Enter A login window opens. Select Attached Devices. The going with information is appeared: Wired or the WiFi band for the affiliation. In case the device name is known, it is showed up.


The IP address that the change doled out to this device when it joined the framework. This number can change if a contraption is isolated and rejoins the framework. The intriguing MAC address for each contraption does not change. The MAC address is generally showed up on the thing mark. To revive this page, click the Refresh get. Screen Internet Traffic metering empowers you to screen the volume of Internet traffic that experiences the switch Internet port.


You can set purposes of repression for traffic volume. To screen Internet traffic: Dispatch a web program from a PC or mobile phone that is related with the switch arrange. 2. Enter A login window opens. In set up Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Traffic Meter. The Traffic Meter page appears. Select the Enable Traffic Meter check box. To control the volume of Internet traffic, use either the traffic volume control incorporate or the affiliation time control feature: Select the Traffic volume control by radio catch and after that select one of the going with decisions: No Limit. No confinement is associated when beyond what many would consider possible is come to. Download so to speak. The repression is associated with moving toward traffic in a manner of speaking.


The confinement is associated with both drawing nearer and dynamic traffic. Select the Connection time control radio catch and enter the allowed hours in quite far field.  If your ISP charges for extra data volume when you impact another relationship, to enter the extra data volume in MB in the Round up data volume for each relationship by field, In the Traffic Counter region, set the traffic counter to begin at a specific time and date. To start the traffic counter rapidly, click the Restart Counter Now get.


In the Traffic Control fragment, show whether the switch should issue a notice message before the month to month farthest reaches of Mbytes or hours is come to. As per usual, the regard is 0 and no notice message is issued. You can pick one of the going with to happen when the purpose of repression is accomplished: The Internet LED glints white or brilliant. The Internet affiliation is separated. Snap the Apply get. The Internet Traffic Statistics zone makes you screen the data traffic.